Insure the continuity of the sport career of your horses
RevaTis provides a convenient full service from collection to storage of your horse's stem cells
Stem Cells are collected by a minimally invasive method without any discomfort for the horse.
The RevaTis technology is patented worldwide.
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RevaTis stemcells are obtained by a minimally invasive muscular micro biopsy.


This innovative technology presents many advantages compared to alternate techniques, such as collecting stem cells from adipose tissue, umbilical cord, blood and bone marrow aspirate performed from the sternum.


Our objective and mission are to support interested veterinarians and owners, providing them with the ability to ensure full continuity of the sports career of valuable horses, with an end-to-end offering.

RevaTis’ service includes the collection, processing, packaging, and storage of stem cells, collected using a novel approach.


RevaTis’ technology is patented, offering the following advantages:


• Our method is minimally invasive, especially in comparison to sampling from bone marrow, the more conventional stem cell collection approach,

• Our approach is cost-effective and does not require specially designed aseptic facilities and transportation expenses and time,

• Our technique is easy to carry out and only requires a very small amount of tissue, leaving minimum scarring,

• Our protocol is also recommended for young horses to constitute a stem cell supply available for future useage.

Don't put your horse's health and longevity in the balance!

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